Xenophobia Argumentative Essay

A strong hatred of people from other nations is referred to as xenophobia. Thus, xenophobia is a ridiculous phobia that forbids consenting to individuals from other cultures.

Xenophobia is said to be a trait of man’s evolution. According to psychologists, prejudice based on gender, ethnicity, country, and religion will eventually fade from people’s memories. Most often, these aliens are people with different racial and cultural backgrounds.

In his work, Al-Rodhan asserts unequivocally that xenophobic countries never extend a kind welcome to foreigners. In these countries, xenophobia will undoubtedly become a security risk if such prejudice leads to catastrophic consequences like hatred and violence.

Xenophobia Argumentative Essay

Making the entire globe accessible in the economic, social, political, and technical spheres is known as globalization. To ensure the safety and security of aliens in the host countries, xenophobia must be reduced in light of the rising levels of anti-foreigner sentiment in such nations.

The United Nations predicts that by 2050, immigration will steadily increase to 2.2 million per year in affluent nations. People sometimes wonder why immigrants have to leave their nation when they see them in their new environment.

Xenophobia is the thought pattern that arises in a situation that makes one feel aversion. The transformation of the globe into a global community is known as globalization.

The public cultures were altered by globalization, which rendered racism, ethnocentrism, and xenophobia undesirable or unsuitable attitudes. Most people still have these attitudes, so it doesn’t erase them; it only makes them somewhat veiled in public.

As already established, there are conflicting effects of globalization on xenophobia. The paradox is that xenophobia may rise and fall due to globalization. It does so by expanding the availability of xenophobic media, such as criminal and hate publications, and the likelihood that various cultures may sometimes conflict.

Globalization does, however, also help to lessen xenophobia by making it simpler to understand via immersion.

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