Harvard Admissions Essays

Writing a Harvard admissions essays is quite similar to writing an essay for entrance to any other college in the world. Some people might even believe it’s simpler than at other schools because Harvard is known for having the most flexible essay questions. But don’t underestimate the significance of the application essay to Harvard because it seems so simple. First and foremost, Harvard is a premier university known for its intellectual rigor. They are examining your application to see how unique you are and why you should be given the opportunity to attend Harvard.

Harvard Admissions Essays

Your grades, high school accomplishments, and test scores are all significant, but the essay is your chance to give your application more character and depth in contrast to the one-dimensional way your grades are presented.

You need to demonstrate in your essay that you are motivated, have innovative and creative thinking, and can communicate yourself in a beautiful yet succinct and understandable way in addition to your excellent achievements and flawless records, all of which are evident in your scores. You will begin to see the essay as an opportunity, not a barrier, once you realize the effect a powerful essay may have on the success of your application as a whole.

There is no foolproof formula for writing a good Harvard essay since what works for one person may not work for another. Hundreds of essay samples that are published in books and online are all open success stories that have the capacity to inspire you and provide you with a wealth of helpful advice on how to write a successful application essay.

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