Structure of A Compare and Contrast Essay

Compare and Contrast Essay

An essay’s beginning should be written in an accessible and interesting manner. especially in a comapre and contrast essay that assesses pupils’ capacity for critical analysis and analytical reasoning. Your capacity to discern even the most minute variances and parallels across subjects will be put to the test in this kind of essay. Because it is not yet formal academic language but also not a narrative story, your introduction must demonstrate your analytical skills and capacity for clear and succinct expression.

You would need to begin with an important fact or finding that you made when comparing the two subjects. This would serve as your thesis statement. It may be something that unites them or something that sets them apart. It is acceptable to pose a question in your introduction that you will respond to throughout the essay’s main body. It goes without saying that you should avoid repeating the obvious and instead be creative to surprise or attract your reader’s attention. We advise the following actions to create a strong start for a comparison and contrast essay:

  1. Create a topic list for your essay. Make a thorough note of every fact you are aware of pertaining to the two themes being compared and contrasted on a separate page.
  2. Write your paper’s outline. Make a thesis statement that is distinct and unambiguous. Consider all of your potential defenses, then include them in your blueprint. Use a paragraph structure in which the introduction is given its own paragraph and the main body is given one to three paragraphs.
  3. Utilizing your blueprint and the brainstorming sessions, start planning your introduction. Keep in mind that this is an evaluation of your analytical reasoning.
  4. Once you’ve completed writing the essay, go through your introduction. In academic writing, it is best to rewrite your thesis statement after the primary text has been completed. You could learn something novel and spectacular while writing your paper that has to be integrated into the beginning.

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