Essay on Marketing Mix

Essay on Marketing Mix

A marketing mix is a one-of-a-kind mixture of marketing’s core ingredients—product, price, place (channels of distribution), and promotion designed to achieve marketing management’s objectives.

A marketing mix is a form of mix that is created to ensure that the product sells even in the face of strong competition; delivering the best pleasure to customers and, as a result, attractive profits to the enterprise in addition to achieving other marketing management objectives.


A product is anything that satisfies a customer’s demands or desires. It might be a material good or an intangible help. Intangible products are service-based, such as those provided by the travel and leisure sector, hotels, and lending institutions.

Tangible products are ones that exist in the real world. If your product is truly outstanding and beneficial to your customers, they will spread the word. They will inform their friends and relatives. They will be very pleased to share your brand and name with others, resulting in a large monetary windfall and plenty of company for you.


The price is the amount of money that the client must pay in order to get items or services. The price of a product must be appropriate for the product/service and the industry.

The only part of the marketing mix that generates income is cost. The price of a product is definitely a significant factor in the value of revenue generated. In theory, the cost is established by determining what clients believe to be the worth of the goods for sale.


Physical submission is the delivery of goods to clients at the appropriate time and location. Physical product submission is achievable via submission programs that are many and diverse in nature.

A marketing manager must choose a method that is convenient, cost-effective, and appropriate for submitting the results.


Promotion is an action that is taken to present items or solutions to a specific audience in order to build consumer perceptions of the manufacturer or the solutions given. 

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