Essay on Press Freedom


Press Freedom


Press freedom corresponds to an environment in which the media-professionals including columnists, editors, correspondents, reporters, and journalists can work and publish the fact without any threat or fear. Press freedom is considered as an important feature of the free and democratic society. In the majority of the countries across the globe, press freedom is ascertained by the constitution.


Necessity of the press freedom

Press is declared as the fourth pillar of a state, along with newspapers are termed as the parliament. Different media formats such as newspaper, articles and journals provide us the true picture of the current happenings around us. Nowadays, every person is empowered with the access to correct information. Likewise free flow of information is also essential for constructing a transparent and corruption free society. Press or newspaper serve as a platform that keeps people update of the ongoing in their country and world. Therefore, it can be argued that press freedom is essential for keeping people updated regarding the current ongoing affairs.

Obstacles to its freedom

Taking into consideration, the far-reaching impact of press freedom, and the fact that can pretense a big challenge to the monopoly, corruption, and abuses of power, dishonest businessman or politicians, despotic government and power holders disagree with press freedom. Moreover, in situations when the press becomes a threat to the corrupt political parties, they make illegal efforts to suppress their voice. Therefore, it can be put forwarded that dishonest politicians, monopolized corporate, tyrannical rule and undemocratic society all create obstacles to press freedom for the reason they view press freedom as a destructive source to their incessant wickedness and misdeed.

Ensuring freedom of press

Press freedom is a symbol of an enlightened, civilized and democratic society and only a truly democratic government can guarantee press freedom. Nevertheless, it is highly imperative to place a monitoring body, which ensures that freedom of the press is not being exploited and used in a proper way.


A free press plays an important role in building a corrupt free, transparent, well-informed, accountable, and democratic society. Therefore, freedom of the press is essential to obtain the true picture of the ongoing affairs. However, press on its part should not misuse its freedom.

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