Research Paper on Theories of leadership

Research Paper

Theories of leadership

Aspects are identified, that leaders are normally of two kinds;

  • Transactional leadership: This one is a style of leadership that is based on the setting of clear objectives and goals for the followers. It also emphasizes on the use of punishments or rewards (as per the case) for encouraging compliance with these goals.
  • Transformational leadership: This is basically linked with the strategy, service transformation, setting the version and also a focus on personal authority use in facilitating the sustainable change on both organizational and individual level.

Like any other organization, these kinds of leaderships can be utilized in health and social care sector. Leadership is basically related with the development of credible vision – also trying to make able in making sense and also communicate the big picture at a very local level. All this can be done during management of priorities that are competitive, relationship with partners and efficiency savings. However, any of the approaches is used either transformational or transactional, the leaders and managers should have to involve their workforce in order to move closer to the objectives of the organization. Coming to the theories, there are various theories developed in the context of leadership, such as; contingency theory, behavioral theory, trait theory etc.

The suggested theory at this point for the sector of health and social care is trait theory. Modern trait theory proposes that individuals emerge as a leader in various situations and tasks; significant individual leadership traits include intelligence, adjustment, extroversion, conscientiousness, openness to experience, and general self-efficacy.

In the light of the discussed trait theory, for the social care sector, a variety of responsibilities of leadership are identified. The managers and leaders in social care require:

  • Should have a perception which is informed by an involvement of people who use other partners and services.
  • Support and lead the staff for working with people who use their careers and services in influencing the service developments.
  • They should hold responsibilities should able for a good social practice and social care.
  • Also influence a variety of shareholders in the promotion of a model of care and also for its values.
  • Should be able of dealing with oppositions, stress and also the role shifting in the management of social care services, also taking reports about the needs of individual and community.

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