Essay Eating Disorders

Essay Eating Disorders

In today’s world, most of the TV channels portray an ideal image of a beauty and success. It reveals that an ideal person is thin and good looking, therefore in order to be successful in all aspects of life one has to attain an ideal figure. Youngsters especially teenagers are more likely to be get affected with all such advertisements being played on different TV channels all day long. They try to emulate their favorite celebrities and get obsessed with dieting and skipping their meals in order to lose weight and remain thin. All these things lead to eating disorders among youngsters. They develop a notion that you must look fit and beautiful in order to get the attention of others and be successful in this world.

Types of Eating Disorders

There are different types of eating disorders and the most common are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating. All these disorders have different effects on the body of a person.

Anorexia nervosa disorder is an eating disorder in which a person is always obsessed with losing his weight by skipping meals throughout the day. Even if their weight is normal and there is no need for dieting they still skip meals out of fear that they will gain weight and will appear bad physically.It leads to several health complications and at times can also lead to death. The body of a person with anorexia becomes too frail and weak that it affects every other aspect of life.


The next type of eating disorder is bulimia nervosa in which a person is too obsesses with eating food. After consuming a large amount of food, they feel guilty and try to deliberately vomit.


How Eating Disorders Affect a Person


Eating disorders can lead to emotional as well as physical instability. It is natural that if you do not consume food which is a basic necessity you are likely to become weak and frail. You may find it hard to carry out daily life activities because you are highly obsessed with losing weight by skipping your meal. Your mind is always about weight loss and eating food. With such an obsession, it becomes increasingly difficult to deal with other important aspects of life.


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