Research Paper introduction on Effects of Using Drugs

Research Paper Drug Effects

People take drugs for different reasons. Some take them to have fun on a special occasion because other friends are taking them. Some take them out of peer pressure. Adolescents take drugs to remain in the company of specific friends. If they do not take them, they can be isolated from the specific company of friends. Some take drugs out of necessity. People who suffer from different types of mental illnesses are actually prescribed antipsychotic or antidepressant drugs to help elevate low mood and as a way to treat the illness. Drugs use can have damaging effects on one’s body and especially brain. The drugs people consume have substances that can enhance the performance of the brain. They can feel euphoric for the time being. In case of mentally ill people, drugs’ consumption is important, and a certified professional psychiatrist prescribes them few specific drugs.

How Drugs affect the Brain?

There is a chemical in the brain that is called dopamine. When this chemical is released in the brain a person feels euphoric and happier. These drugs cause the surge of dopamine in the brain giving feelings of pleasure. When the effect of the drug subsidies, the brain requires a person to repeatedly consume the drug. These drugs provide temporary relief to a person but in the long run it can cause severe health complications.

Chemical changes in the brain caused by the use of drugs can result in poor judgment, inability to concentrate and complete important tasks, control behavior and lacking normal feeling without taking drugs.

Regular use of such drugs result in addiction and a person may give important to taking drugs than spending time with family and friends. A person is always obsessed and when the effect of the drug subsidies, he needs to take it again in order to have feelings of pleasure.


What Drugs People Usually Take?

Heroin, opium, marijuana, cannabis, Xanax, and Vicodin are some of the most popular drugs that people take. Xanax is actually a pill that helps people to overcome anxiety and depression problem feel happier. It also helps those having insomnia and finds it difficult to sleep. Among these drugs, heroin is the most destructive drug and very hard to quit. People who become addicted to taking heroin end up destroying their life.


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