Essay on Tackling Gender-Based Violence During COVID-19

Recognition of the issue, which was neglected during the past pandemics, is the first step in solving the problem of growing gender violence in the times of the pandemic. In order to minimize the number of such events, Campbell stresses that expanding organizational relationships and raising awareness about the importance of disclosing harassment reports are important.

By continuously checking if people are safe at home, one way to deal with the problem of domestic abuse is. It is quite important, though, that the individuals who ask these questions get the time and attention. Victims can also be able to interact in subtle and informal ways, which may easily be overlooked.

They further stress the value for those requiring psychological interventions, therapy, or some other form of assistance, of internet and telephone facilities. The need to educate healthcare professionals to recognize the signs of abuse to resolve the problem of gender-based violence is often stressed by scholars.

The helpline programs that victims of gender abuse can access without alerting their offenders are still urgently required to be improved. The Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guteres, has reiterated the need for countries to prioritize assistance through the development of emergency alert systems for individuals facing family abuse.

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