Essay: Lord of the Flies Characters

In their teenage years, the characters in “Lord of the Flies” are youth. We believe that the plane travelers were being displaced from Great Britain due to war before the text’s story starts.

Besides the group of choir boys lead by Jack, most of them hadn’t met each other until arriving on the island. Ralph, Jack, and Piggy, the key characters, illustrate the variations in human responses to the crisis. Although some of them strive to maintain a clear mind and use rationality to live, others surrender themselves to the instincts of natural animals and go wild.

Details of 3 characters of Lord of the Fire Flies

  1. Ralph is a central protagonist whose perspective is noticed the most by the readers – he is tall, and not quite talkative. He is clever, likes discipline, and is acknowledged at first as the group’s leader. He is one of the few protagonists who, without falling into savagery, tries to retain a sense of order and society.
  2. Piggy is the right hand of Ralph. He is clever and fast-witted, but his weight and other physical impairments do not help him to join the hunters. In his darkest hours, where the hunters’ aggressive conduct makes Ralph contemplate standing down as the boys’ chief, he is the pillar of help for Ralph.
  3. Jack Merridew is used to head the chorus at a local school. When on the island, he gets angry at the lack of adults. He soon, however, abandons his “good boy” persona, becomes the lead hunter, and openly challenges the authority of Ralph.
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