Research Paper: COVID-19 and Gender Violence

As this has already contributed to a rise in incidents of domestic abuse, COVID-19 appears to be close to the pandemics of the past. The lockdown imposed to deal with COVID-19 has granted greater freedom to abusers. Several newspaper studies show an increase in incidents of domestic abuse in multiple nations.

An rise of around 21-35 percent in domestic abuse was also recorded by different states in the United States. Due to rising family abuse, even the UK has been facing questions. An noticeable rise in the rate of domestic murders has also been seen.

The need for household water emerges with increasing summer temperatures, people spending more time at homes during lockdowns, and emphasis on handwashing. As a result, more women employed under the cover of secrecy are turning to the underground water market. In comparison, women spend more time queuing for water and frequently approach the market in the early hours of the morning, often experiencing verbal and sexual abuse.

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