Essay on Importance of Consumers

A consumer is considered to be a legal relationship with the second contract party, whether the latter is a judicial or a natural individual, aiming to obtain goods or services that might be essential. Such a process may comprise of inequity in favor of the second party due to weak conditions such as being less experienced and economically weaker with the legal matters that might govern consumers. It is because of the fact that the second party usually has strong economic experience and capacity. However, this may not always be the case. The party who is often in protection indicates that their economic position is weak as compared to the professional entrepreneurs who are not engaged in buying goods or services in professional trade as well as activities and are considered to be final consumers.

The purpose of the second party, who may be called by the professional whether they are a producer, seller or provider, is to achieve the greatest potential profit. Hence, it can lead the professional to use several types of advertisements as well as publicity that may contain misinformation or be fraudulent. In addition, professionals might exploit consumers’ need for goods or services by imposing arbitrary terms (without restriction) or submission contracts (Unfair contract terms). This can create unfair contracts, which may cause harm to consumers, who may not be able to sue professionals because of the high costs of litigation in disputes concerning goods or services that may be of little value.

                Furthermore, the dominance of huge prolific forces in the economic market has led to altering patterns of consumption and a truth obscuration through sophisticated methods9 for publicity. To illustrate this, a professional seeks to elucidate the benefit of a product during stress as well as advertisement and how it can improve the life of consumers. However, the product might not be essential or necessary for the consumer. Thus, the consumer tends to become a weaker party in the contract as compared to the professional. This is because a usual contract form drafted by means of a specific party (chiefly a business executive with strong power to bargain) as well as signed by weaker party (principally consumer in need of goods or services), shall adhere to contract and therefore, it shall not have a supremacy to negotiate or modify the terms for contract.

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