Thesis on How Tesco communicates its Vision to its Stakeholders?

In Kotter’s change step model the strategies and the new change vision are communicated by the company through means of every possible method. Therefore, Tesco must assure that communication should be done in such a manner so that the company’s survival is possible in the market competition. For this, Tesco will communicate its vision, constantly. The worries and apprehensions of both, the customers and employees will be dealt with clearly by Tesco.

From performance reviews to training, Tesco will apply all of the operational aspects of the vision. In addition, the team will use the website of the company to communicate the vision along with the cascaded message through the means of the organizational management to supervisors. Moreover, the supervisors will conduct meetings with other members of the staff so that clear meanings about the designed goals shall be communicated throughout the organization.

Since this new change vision will be quite different from the company’s defined vision, thereby, the communication required for it will also be quite different from the ordinary and routine communication. Therefore, the vision will be communicated powerfully and frequently. To communicate the vision successfully, the discussions related to the change vision will be brought on the table quite often. Concerns of organizational members related to the change will be addressed honestly and openly. Moreover, the change will be led by effective examples.

To communicate the change vision, a communication strategy will be developed. Different questionnaires, voting polls, interviews, e-mails, and meetings will be included in this communication strategy. For meetings related to the discussions on the implementation of the strategic change in the company, formal invitations will be sent to the top management. In addition, the minutes of such meetings will be forwarded to all of the respective members of the staff/employees along with the request for their feedbacks.

To acquire maximum participation in the process of strategic change and planning of Tesco, the feedbacks will be taken, constantly. The current progress of the process of change planning will be presented to shareholders, financiers, and employees. 

In addition to this, their ideas and views will also be communicated to other stakeholders. This communication strategy will also help in identifying the rejection and acceptance of stakeholders’ decisions efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, the stakeholders will be updated about the process of the strategic change, accurately. Thereby, the evaluation of the system will be conducted with the help of face-to-face conversations, emails, meetings, and questionnaires.

An evaluation procedure must be highly interactive, clear, and proactive. Moreover, for accessing the influence of the stakeholders’ involvement in monitoring the procedure and co-developing the strategic change, the outcomes generated from the evaluation of the system can be used.     

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