Essay on How Neuro-Linguistic Programming can be used?

The words that are used by humans in reflecting a subconscious and inner perception of our issues is the key premise of NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming. An underlying issue is further created if these perceptions and words are inaccurate. One of the self-fulfilling prophecies is our attitudes. The NLP can also be referred to as a science that also helps in understanding how the operations take place in the human mind. It also reflects how the human mind can enhance performance and accomplish your objectives or as a therapy to overcome anxiety, phobias, and fears. Further, the system of NPL can be categorized into three different terms that are programming, linguistic, and neuro.

The neural network through which the brain is feed and the brain are referred to as neuro. Whereas, the nerve cells or neurons are the working units that are used by the nervous system for storing, receiving, and sending signals that are further added up to the information. Moreover, the non-verbal and verbal content that moves through and across these pathways is referred to as linguistics.

Further, the only method through which the signal or content can be manipulated for converting it into useful information is programming. The signal is directed by the brain and sequenced further. It is also changed based on the first experience of it may also be connected to some other experience that may be stored in the brain for the conversion of it into different behaviors and patterns that maybe are the biggest important factors of one life (Lupyan and Bergen, 2016, p. 420).

Besides, NPL is also perceived as an area of study that emerged during the 1970s. The NPL concept involved the analysis of the eye movements, postures, gesticulations, word selection, voice tones, and speaking patterns of people. These people were assumed as modelling projects. The findings of the NPL project later were integrated into various other fields and have been used widely from disability and health to coaching to hypnotherapy to law enforcement.

Lastly in the psychotherapy context, the NLP can be used successfully. Tasting, smelling, feeling, hearing, and seeing are five major senses present in every human being. The procedure of thinking includes the creation of mental representations in these five senses. For example, if a client is asked questions about his previous holiday, then he or she will probably initiate to remember the sensations of the sport he or she may have engaged in, the conversations, or the scenery.

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