Research Paper on Efficiency of CSR

The focus of Corporate Social Responsibility is on two distinctive perspectives including social perspective and economic perspective. As per economic perspective, it is primary responsibility of any firm to make profits. Furthermore, as per social perspective, the organizations at the same time need to make sure that they adhere with the rules and regulations for meeting social responsibility

                The chief focus of the triple bottom line is to ascertain that that the firm attains sustainable outcome by focusing in meeting their environmental, social and economic responsibilities. The financial objective of the firm ought to be the economic sustainability. In contrast, the social sustainability is concerned with the impact of the business activity on the lives of the people. Lastly, the environmental sustainability realizes that the natural resources are limited; hence, they must be utilized efficiently. The leadership management of Vodacom Tanzania had implement corporate social responsibility initiatives that can adequately adopt the sustainability development goals. Along these lines, Vodacom Tanzania has realized that they need to entail environmental, economic and social impacts of their operations that would ultimately benefit the stakeholders. The segment below discusses the effectiveness of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives of Vodacom Tanzania.

During the defensive phase, there were few evidences presents of the incorporation of corporate social responsibility in Vodacom Tanzania. However, in the compliance phase, the company adapted the policy-based compliance method as the source of doing business. Due to limited financial resources, the implementation of corporate social responsibility initiatives was reactive and defensive that chiefly emphasized on diminishing the damage to the business and at the same time inclined towards the philanthropic activities instead of strategic initiatives. Furthermore in the managerial phase, the organization, Vodacom Tanzania infused societal concepts into the core management process. To this end, corporate social responsibility is viewed as a usual functions and at the same time entrenched within the organizational parameters including human capital development and diversity management. The next phase is strategic where the social issues are integrated into the core business strategies. At this stage, corporate social responsibility is considered as value proposition by Vodacom Tanzania.

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