The Internet – a window on the world

The Internet

a window on the world

Previously television was blamed for separating people from each other. Before TV, people were more social and had time to interact with each other. With the advent of TV, most people sit glued to a TV watching their favorite programs. They started preferring television programs over companionship with other people, and in this way drifted away from friends and relatives. However, the invention and popularity has brought people closes and saves millions of man-hours every day. People now perform their daily mundane tasks like paying bills, shopping etc over the Internet. They also talk to friends and relatives and having important business via the internet as they do not have to be physically present to interact and communicate. 

Talking on the phone with friends, especially those in distant places can be very expensive, but with the internet, people can communicate easily and very cheaply. Every company and home now has an internet connection because people know that the internet is not a luxury but an absolute necessity. The positive impacts of the internet are great, in fact unbeatable but, the internet also has many negative aspects such as viruses can be spread over the internet which can virtually destroy computers and the information contained therein. The virus is sent via an email and it is quite expensive to fix the computer and eliminate the virus from the system. Besides, various types of fraud are committed via the net and people have been deprived of their hard earned money.

People are cheated when they give their credit or debit card information without actually knowing who they are giving it to. Cheaters then use the information to buy merchandise which they later sell off for cash. The purchases are made from the information obtained from other people. This causes enormous loss to the card holder.    Pornography is another negative aspect of the internet, especially for children. Parents do not supervise the internet use of their children, and young children frequently spend a lot of time watching pornography. This leads to corruption of morals, and many teenage girls become pregnant before marriage because of their heightened sexual emotions. This might result in their leaving school and destroying their entire lives and careers

Although the internet has many advantages it is slowly taking away human interaction and contact with each. Emails have replaced personal letters and meeting people has taken on talking over the internet. This has made many people coldhearted because they are personally not affected by the problem of others. The internet even now has dramatically changed humans and with the rapid progress of science and technology, this invention could probably revolutionize humans as nothing has done before.