Dissertation: Othello the Moor of Venice

Othello is a story of the strongest human emotion “Jealousy”. It revolves around Othello who is a general in the service of Venice and has risen steadily in position because of his military capabilities.  Despite being black, he is held in high esteem by the Venetians because he conquered the Turks. The promotion of Michael Cassio by Othello infuriates Iago Othello’s ensign who conspires to destroy him. Iago begins his vicious campaign by telling a trusting gentleman Rodrigo, that Cassio was promoted on the personal whims of Othello, and has absolutely no fighting experience as a soldier, whereas he Iago has fought in several battles in Cyprus and Rhoden against Christian and heathen alike, and it he who should have been made Othello’s ensign.

He tells Rodrigo that promotion by Othello is based on political and personal consideration and not on merit Iago is inherently evil and his sole concern is getting revenge against Othello. Rodrigo is also jealous of Othello because he covets Desdemona Othello’s girlfriend as his own. He has paid Iago a handsome sum of money. Rodrigo thinks that despite Iago taking money from him, he is not telling him everything about Othello and his loyalty is to his general and not to him. To regain Rodrigo’s trust in him, he and Rodrigo inform Desdemona’s father Brabantio of her relationship with Othello, emphasizing the racial difference between the two.

They tell Brabantio that Othello used magic and spells against Desdemona, otherwise how could she love Othello who is black.   Meanwhile a fleet of Turks threatens Cyprus, and the Venetian Senate send Othello to defend Cyprus and also to become the new governor. In the course of the Senate meeting, Brabantio complains about Othello and his magic spells against his daughter. After listening to Othello, the Duke declares that Othello really loves Desdemona, and Brabantio agrees to give his daughter to Othello in marriage.

Desdemona decides to follow Othello to Cypress, not being aware of the fact that Iago wanted to destroy Othello and he was the one that instigated the complaint to Brabantio against Othello. Iago tells Rodrigo that they must first get rid of Cassio and that Desdemona will soon tire of Othello and Rodrigo then can claim her love. Fortune favors Othello because a storm destroys the Turkish fleet, but Othello arrives safely in Cyprus. A celebration ensues, but Iago presses on with his plan to discredit Cassio get him drunk then has Rodrigo start an argument with him. When Montano, the out-going governor tries to stop the argument he is wounded by Cassio


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