Thesis Paper: Philosophy of Cosmology

“Philosophy of cosmology” is concentrated on the theoretical fundamentals of cosmology and the rational deliberation of space as an entirety. It envisages the basic theories of physics, thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, and special and general relativity. It also embraces many aspects of the philosophy of physics, philosophy of science, metaphysics, and philosophy of mathematics including the theory of knowledge. Some important aspects is about restrictions for the explanation of ‘physical infinity’, and laws regarding the original state of affairs, efforts made for the selection of principles especially the “anthrop principle” which initiates the discussion as to whether man is ape or angel, intentional prospects or possibilities. .

Researchers are carrying out intense research for establishing the “Philosophy of cosmology as a new area of research based on the philosophy of physics. The objective is to envisage a contemporary approach to basic queries which are at the very centre of physics which are about nature, age, and destiny of the universe. This research is divided into two different aspects regarding introductory issues and elucidation problems in physics especially the quantum theory, or the space and time hypothesis or trying to generate a quantum theory of gravity that people will pay attention to even if they are not involved in the philosophy of cosmology.

Frequently such issues reveal themselves in very noticeable ways when these issues are measured on a cosmological dimension. However, this could just be a different aspect of what is perceived as an introductory issue in physics. However, there are issues that are quite particular to the field of cosmology. The perception of traditional cosmology which was generally understood some two decades age led to the common conclusion that the universe was created with a big bang or was created in a very heated up very intense and compact condition. For such an occurrence, that state had to include some precise ways in which the thermodynamic state had to be arranged which would have been quantifiable disarray and chaos.

However, in such a state the formation of a solid dense mass is unlikely to occur.  This obviously brings up the question as to whether there is any principle that can account for the big bang state. the characteristics of space, time and space-time, the indicator of periods, the dimensional aspects regarding quantum mechanics, sinister forces, quantum variations, extent and origins of structure creation and development, the beginning and eventual destiny of the universe and the place that intelligent life within the universe

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