Theories and Models for branding

Theories For Branding


Models for branding

Brand existence is considered as a significant perspective, which plays a major role in the professional environment and marketplace to develop a proper image of any brand through their products. Simply, it is said that the brands usually focuses on the development of their image in a particular area of a market in order to achieve its goals and objectives. Brand existence is significant for the administrative authorities to regulate their processes effectively. It is because of brand existence that the customers can easily be satisfied with the powerful image. For this purpose, penetration strategies are widely used in order to achieve the objectives appropriately. There are a significant number of theories and models, which are relatively associated with brand existence and customer satisfaction. However, penetration and existence of the brands are closely interrelated. It is extremely difficult for the brands to exist in the markets without using penetration strategies. Therefore, both of such variables are interconnected. Similarly, brand satisfaction and customer satisfaction are also connected with each other at a constant rate. It is a fact that brand satisfaction along with brand loyalty is directly associated with the brand existence in the market. Such framework is difficult to be understood; therefore, it is extremely necessary to develop a positive relationship between these variables through developed theories and models.

 The Dissonance Theory

The dissonance theory is considered as a major marketing framework, which plays a significant role in the development of satisfaction among the consumers. It is a fact that better satisfaction level of the consumers will be significant for the brands to ensure their existence in the market. Moreover, better satisfaction level of the consumers is also connected with the enhanced level of loyalty with the brands, which will ultimately result in the better existence of brands within the industry of market. From the perspective of cognitive dissonance theory, the psychologists have indicated that there is a tendency to develop a proper consistency among the cognitive levels of the individuals. While making this perspective as a base, it is said that the marketers usually focuses on the cognitive level of individuals or consumers in order to promote their brands and products effectively.

The factor of customer satisfaction is helpful for the organizations to develop their processes in an effective way. From the marketing perspective, it can be said that the factor of customer satisfaction will be helpful for the organizational authorities to penetrate in the market accordingly. Brand existence can be easily simplified with the help of customer satisfaction. It is also fact that the enhanced loyalty with the brands along higher satisfaction will certainly result in the better existence of products and brands in the market (p. 18). Thus, it can be said that marketers should focus on the beliefs and actions of customers or consumers for their higher dissonance.


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