Health Service National Service Plan in Ireland

National Service Plan

The National Service Plan is an annual arrangement that has been formally offered by the Directorate of the Health Service which has been made into law by the Health Service Executive (Governance) Act 2013 which presents the kind and quantity of medical services which are necessary under law and which will be funded by the government. This obligation is an essential part of Future Health – A strategic Framework for Reform o the Health Services 2012-2015 which will implemented throughout the time period of this plan.  The main purpose of the Health Service is the effective provision of secure and the best quality personal and social services to the general population of Ireland.

The plan includes quality and patient safety, reforming medical services and delivery of a full range of services in hospitals, community and personal social care. This envisages challenges for hospitals in the Republic of Ireland are to create large ICUs which according to NHS plan are mostly understaffed and have to deal with a rapid turnover of patients. With these large units there is a demand for more equipment and, in the process, a greater demand for critical care. Nurses are already in short supply these problems have, however, not been described and documented extensively in the context of the Republic of Ireland.

Critical care nurses are responsible for clinical assessment, making diagnoses and designing individualized care plans for critically-ill patients in order to reach the expected outcomes for each patient. Unit managers are responsible for the effective and efficient management of the unit but, in addition, are often required to do functional nursing and fulfill other roles in relation to care of the patients.  The roles and functions of registered nurses working in critical care units are regulated by the NHS in the Republic of Ireland Despite all their competencies, expertise and experience, there seem to be unique problems encountered by unit managers on a daily basis when working in large ICUs.

The nursing unit is a subsystem of the health service such as a hospital and a nurse appointed to manage this nursing unit is called a unit manager. The job of the Nursing Unit Manager is the process of planning, organizing, leading, process of planning, organizing, leading and controlling such things as Human resources, material, financial and informational resources in an organizational environment in order to achieve predetermined objectives within the context of the specific nursing unit.

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