Type 2 Diabetes

Information About Type 2 Diabetes

The condition of type2 diabetes is a growing public health issue throughout the world,   but perhaps nowhere is the need for control quite as urgent as in The United States especially South Asia. It has been estimated that the women with South Asian ethnicity are more prone to a diabetic occurrence. The assessment of the demographic status and factors that play q contributing part in diabetes and its co-morbidities in the region of Los Angeles County is important to explore. Diabetes Mellitus is characterized by the high levels of glucose in the blood circulation.  Insulin is a hormone that is responsible for the conversion of starches, sugar and into energy which is required for regular and daily activities to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

           Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus is considered to be the 9th major reason behind the premature mortality globally. It is also the sixth most significantly reported cause of mortality in the County of Los Angeles. The South Asian community is the second most noted community or minority amongst the American population. Moreover, this community is expanding at an exponential rate due to increased immigration from the South Asian countries in the United States of America. The occurrence of onset of Diabetes Mellitus in this community is higher in comparison to the Native population. There is a need to rate onset, contribution of the risk factors and the complications that are associated with this disorder in the women of South Asian origin in Los Angeles County.  For the resolution of these contributing factors, efforts have being made to identify the element that can diminish prevalence of diabetes in American women of South Asian ethnicity living in the  county  of Los Angeles. Moreover, the complications of diabetes and co morbid conditions have also been given special emphasis.

Impact Of Diabetes

There are numerous impacts of diabetes and the complication associated with it. These complications include peripheral vascular disease, amputations, retinopathy,   nephropathy and the ultimate consequences. An example of these consequences is the cardiovascular conditions such as stroke and heart attack. The particular gender of females and the ethnic focus on the South Asian women will make any study interesting for the researchers and the readers or reviewers. Overall, during the exploration of correlation of the complications such as retinopathy, nephropathy, peripheral vascular disease and amputations, etc. in the South Asian women, one can further explore its treatment as a future research.

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