Research Paper: Methods for Ensuring Airport Security

Research into the methods for Ensuring Airport Security

Biometric Technologies

Biometric technologies are used to verify the identity of an individual. It can automate the identification of an individual by making use of its distinctive features. It encompasses a variety of technologies that can be utilized to confirm the identity of a person by examining personal attributes and other individual characteristics. The most common form of biometric technologies that are used worldwide includes face recognition, vascular recognition, fingerprints and iris recognition. Biometric assessment is an important and effective tool to identify and assess an individual’s personality. It closely studies the human behavior and physiological features of a person that are DNA molecule, palm geometry veins of palm, hand geometry, fingerprints, facial features and iris recognition. The behavioral studies include the behavior of an individual like his voice and signature. The two most common types of biometrics are used in aviation industry for increasing the security levels are:

Iris Recognition

The features present in the tissue that surrounds the pupil like the furrows rings and freckles are analyzed in this type of biometrics by using a regular video camera.The eye of the user is made to be positioned inside the field of a single narrow camera and the picture of the iris is taken by observing the feedback through a mirror. The phase information can then be obtained by demodulating the iris pattern. In some European airports, this technique is incorporated by the control guards to enhance the speed of passport control.

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