Essay: Challenges Faced By Tutors in a Multicultural Environment


Challenges Faced By Tutors in a Multicultural Environment

In the past few years, the world is rapidly shifting towards globalization, for the reason that a large number of individuals are moving to other countries to acquire better education and living standards. Consequently, people from diversified cultural backgrounds are often coming in contact, especially in this trend is common in higher education institutes and universities.

These institutes are often termed as the chief platforms where individuals from dissimilar cultures can interact with each other. Multiculturalism is an embedded reality at higher education institutes and universities nowadays. A significant number of students prefer to acquire education from educational institutes located abroad since they perceive that standard of education is comparatively higher in foreign countries. However, there are a number of problems faced by international students while getting an education in foreign countries. When talking about issues confronted by students, students enrolled in courses taught by lectures coming from dissimilar linguistic and cultural backgrounds often experience disagreement, tension and discomfort. This certainly impacts the performance of teachers as the reservation from international students’ leads to various difficulties while marking their work. Another major problem encountered by students when resuming their studies in a foreign country is cultural diversity. The issue of cultural diversity directly impacts tutors of the respective students. When a student moves to another country, they soon discover that educational standards, cultures, and traditions of new host countries are relatively dissimilar from their native country. As a result, the period of adjustment usually prolongs which in turn affects the effectiveness of tutor.

Moreover, there are several international students who do not appreciate opportunities created by interaction with culturally diversified people. Some of the major challenges confronted by tutors of foreign students also arise due to culture and language diversity. Effective communication among students and teachers is imperative to enhance the efficacy of learning. However, since the teacher and the student have dissimilar native language, communication among them is affected to a certain extent. A teacher who teaches in multicultural environment needs to ensure that her selection of words and pace of delivering the lecture is in accordance with all the students within a multicultural classroom). Language diversity also influences academic writing. Like international students face issues while answering questions documented in a different language, tutors also, face difficulties while checking their work and marking them.

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