Essay on Marriage in Asian Culture

Essay on Marriage in Asian Culture

This essay is about love and arranged marriages in Asian culture.

Marriage is a transitory phase in two people’s lives. There are two types of marriages that prevail in Asia and they are arranged and love marriage. Love marriage takes place when a man and a woman select their life partner out of their own free will. A love marriage purely depends on the mutual consent of a couple in love. Arrange marriage is purely with the consent of the parents. In an arranged marriage parents are the ones who search for life partners of their grownup children. They look for similarities between to be a married couple. In an arranged marriage the boy and the girl do not know each other. Once they get married they get to know each other. Arranged marriage is based on the consent of the parents of both partners.

In Asia arranged marriage is more common and prevalent. The parents look for similar traits when searching for a partner for their son or daughter. They try to find someone who best fits their race, customs and traditions. They try to avoid anyone who does not belong to their community. Many people in Asia these days do not like arranged marriages because of the fact that two people about to get married do not love each other nor they know anything about each other. It is after their marriage they get to know each other gradually.

It is hard to determine whether love marriage is better or an arranged marriage. Both have their own pros and cons and it will not be right to say that one of them is completely perfect and successful. In fact in both love and arranged marriages problems occur between married couples. In some cases daughters are forced to marry a man of their parents’ choice without their consent. In some families in Asia consent of the daughter is not thought to be necessary and it completely depends on the parents to decide. Girls as young as thirteen years are trained to take care of their husbands once they are married. They are told about their role as a wife and other responsibilities towards the family members of the husband.

The concept of dowry is very common in Asian marriages. Dowry is a gift from bride’s parents to the groom. It can be in form of money as well as material things. In India dowry is one of the biggest social problems resulting in murder of brides. In rural areas of India girls who do not bring dowry for their husbands are burnt to death by family members of the groom.

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