Dissertation: Data Protection Principles


Data Protection Principles

The University must ensure that all personal data processed either by computers or manually should comply with the eight Data Protection Principles defined by the Act. These principles are listed below:

  • According to the first principle of data protection, all the personal information either of the staff or the students must be processed legitimately and fairly.
  • The second principle states that the personal information regarding any person must be attained only for specific and legal purposes. However, the personal information should not be modified to make it compatible with the specified purpose.

  • Under the third principle, the universities are compelled to attain only adequate data is relevant to specified purpose and the volume of the data must be according to the information required.
  • According to the fourth principle, the data obtained must be accurate and should be updated according to the requirements
  • The data obtained must be kept only for the timeframe in which it satisfies the purpose it is collected. Keeping the data for longer periods than required is not permitted under this act.
  • The sixth principle signifies that all the personal information obtained must be processed according to the rights of the individual within the Data protect Act 1988
  • The seventh principle obliges the university management to take organizational and technical measures against the illegal and unauthorized dispensation of private information of an individual. These measures must also be taken in the case of destruction, accidental loss or deformation of the private information.
  • The last principle states that the universities are not allowed to transfer any personal information held by them to a country or territory located outside the European Economic Area. However, if the country exterior to the European Economic area ensures an adequate level of protection of rights and freedom of the individuals than the information can be transferred.

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