Research Paper: Social Network Impact on Youth

Research Paper

Social Network Impact on Youth

Social media websites have attained astounding popularity and growth which has attracted the attention of different researchers across the globe. Even though with the passage of people from all age groups have acknowledged the significance of social media, young adults, particularly teenagers, are the most fanatic users of social media sites. Various researchers have highlighted that social media to a great extent is influencing the lives of the teenagers. There are both positive as well as negative effects of using social media.

Positive Impacts

Nowadays, social media has turned out to be an essential part of the teenager’s activities. Social media assists teenagers in multiple ways. Firstly, social media help the teenagers to connect with their friends, family members, and colleagues despite geographical barriers. It also keeps them updated with current happenings in the world. Additionally, social media also allow young adults to obtain information about different courses, products, and services. In a different context, social media has created a platform for the teenagers where they can create pages and communities based upon common interest. These groups and pages provide teenagers with an opportunity to make new connections. The majority of the teenagers surveyed agreed to the fact that social media has significantly transformed the way of their living and made it easier and efficient.

Negative Impacts

Despite the fact that social media has provided people with a platform where they can make new connects or stay connected with their friend and relatives, it creates isolation. Since most of the teenagers prefer to spend the majority of their time on these websites, they hardly have face-to-face interactions with each other. As per researchers and studies, isolation created by spending maximum hours on social media can lead to mental, physical, psychological, and emotional problems such as somatic complaints, depression, and anxiety. Other negative impacts of social networking websites include exposing young people to online predators, decreasing the productivity of people and cyber bullying.

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