Research Paper: Pressure to use Steroids

Research Paper

Pressure to use Steroids

We all come across seeing bodybuilders’ physique and no matter how they look we end up liking their bodies and wish that we too have bodies like them. We do not know what is behind their pumped up bodies. All we see is bulging muscles they work so hard to build. The reason we do not look like most of the bodybuilders despite working out is that most of us do not rely on taking steroids that the bodybuilders usually take. Steroids may help bodybuilders built bulging muscles which look good to others but in the long run, steroid use can be extremely detrimental to health.

Bodybuilders may know the deteriorating side effects of steroids but they still rely on them because they want to get ahead of others competing for building heavy muscles. The steroids they use can lead to serious health complications like damaged liver, imbalanced hormones, damaged kidneys and other health related problems.

The reason many bodybuilders start taking steroids is due to the pressures they face from their rivals. They all engage in fierce competition in order to get ahead of others in terms of having a heavier body with well toned and heavy muscles. In order to build big muscles and get ahead in the competition, they resort to cheating by taking steroids. In such kind of circumstances, most of the bodybuilders do not care about the detrimental side effects of steroids as they just feel too pressured to use them.

It is not just bodybuilding where people exploit illegal drugs like steroids to enhance their appearance but also other sports as well. Steroids help boost performance temporarily but in the long run, they are extremely harmful to health.

Another core reason as to why so many people start taking steroids in order to have a perfect body is because of media. Media plays a very important role to effect psychological aspect of people. When people watch advertisements of men having a perfect body they try to emulate them. They want to look like their favorite celebrity and that too within a short span of time. In order to achieve their objective of having a perfect appearance, they start depending on steroids to speed up muscle building. Media portrays people with the perfect body as successful and widely acceptable people in society that are the reason many people try to emulate them by resorting to unfair means to look like them.

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