Research Paper idea on Social Anxiety Disorder

Research Paper Social Anxiety Disorder

There are people who fear giving presentations and speeches because of shyness. When this shyness reaches an extreme point, it is known as Social anxiety disorder. It is a severe form of fear of facing people.

People with this disorder have a very tough life because of restrictions they put for themselves. They cannot go in any kind of social outing because they fear people; they cannot find a job because they fear the interview process, and later, facing other colleagues after they are selected. People with this disorder fear of being judged and scrutinized by others. It is a disorder and requires professional psychiatric intervention. This disorder can make a person’s life indeed very difficult.
Who is Vulnerable?
People with family history of mental illnesses are more vulnerable to be affected with this disorder. Other factors like abusive childhood, bullying and other negative social factors can cause a person to become afraid of other people.
Symptoms of the Disorder
Symptoms of this disorder include extreme fear of social situations, avoiding conversations with other people, becoming isolated from the rest of the world, fear of being judged by others, fear of being laughed at in a social gathering, blushing and increased heart beat.
How it can be treated?
It is difficult to overcome this disorder especially for someone who has been suffering for many years, but it is not impossible to overcome. If a person with this disorder, frequently faces his fears and tries to confront them, then he can overcome his mental disorder. There need to be continuity if one seeks improvement in social situations. Exposure can be very challenging but with consistency and right direction, a person can overcome this problem. Apart from exposure, a person with this disorder, also need to take tranquilizers as prescribed by the doctor. Psychotherapy sessions can also contribute to more awareness and betterment.
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