Essay Conclusion in Few Easy Steps

Essay Conclusion

An essay is divided into three very important parts: an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. All these elements are very important to structure an essay in a logical and coherent way. If any of these elements are not present in an essay it is incomplete and can lead to confusion among the readers. The introduction is the first part of an essay and it has to be strong and captivating in order to lead the readers into reading entire essay. It must consist of all the key points and a strong thesis statement. The main body is another very important element in which all the key points introduced in the introduction are explained in detail along with strong arguments backed by examples, facts, and figures. Lastly, a strong conclusion is required to wrap up the essay. All these parts help structure an essay in a more logical and coherent way.
Write a Summary
Go through the entire essay once again and determine the most important points of your essay. Once you find the key points summarize them not in more than two sentences at the most. There is no need to summarize the entire essay. Just determine the key points and summarize them in two sentences. Do not include anything that is out of the context. Try to be as direct and to the point, you can be.
Provide Suggestions
Once you have summarized the most important points of the essay provide suggestions or solutions to the problem you have already discussed in the main body. You can also include your personal perspectives. Once again, make sure that this too does not exceed two sentences at the most. Try to be as direct and to the point, you can be.
Restate the Thesis Statement
Once you have written important suggestions to the problem, the next step is to restate the thesis statement from the introduction to remind the readers about the main objective of the essay.
Keep the essay conclusion as precise as you can. Do not write more than one paragraph. Keep things short and to the point. Avoid discussing anything that has nothing to do with the main topic of the essay.
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