Research Paper Introduction on Major Depressive Disorder

Research Paper Major Depressive DisorderMajor depressive disorder is also referred to as clinical depression and it is marked by constant feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness. It also affects daily life routine of a person. A person with major depression cannot study, work, enjoy normal activities and even have a fun time with friends. It is a serious disorder and if feelings of hopelessness persist for more than two weeks then it is a sign of major depression. It is best to seek immediate psychiatric help in order to control the symptoms. If immediate treatment is not sought, the condition can become even worse. Clinical depression is a serious condition and it must not be compared to normal depression that most of the people suffer from on a daily basis. This depression is a psychiatric disorder and requires antidepressant medicines to treat prevailing symptoms in the patient.

Who can get affected with Clinical Depression?
Anyone with family history of the disease can get affected. Other factors like social environment can also contribute to the development of the disease. Childhood abuse and unstable relationship between parents can also cause depression. People with the family history are more likely to be affected genetically. Others having no history of mental illness can also get affected depending on the environment and childhood experiences (Goldberg, 2014).
Symptoms of Depression
Symptoms of clinical depression include hopelessness, worthlessness, very low self-esteem, distorted thinking, negative thoughts, restlessness, low mood, lack of interest in other activities, isolation from others, suicidal thoughts and inability to concentrate. People with clinical depression have a tendency to withdraw from everyday routine activities. They prefer being in isolation and lack interest in anything. It can also cause insomnia or excessive sleeping.
How Depression can be treated?
Depression is a very much treatable condition. If certain measures are taken consistently, chances of overcoming the illness are high. The first line of treatment is the prescription of antidepressant medicines by a psychiatrist. Initially psychiatrists try to find out the best combination of antidepressant medicines. They stick to the one most effective. If antidepressant medicines do not work due to the severity of depression, electroconvulsive therapy also known as shock therapy is preferred (Goldberg, 2014).

Another form of treatment is psychotherapy also called talk therapy. Psychotherapy is preferred along with antidepressant medicines for high effectiveness.
People suffering from the major depressive disorder can be treated provided that they take antidepressants regularly along with psychotherapy sessions. Avoiding medicines without consulting the doctor can result in relapse. They can resume their normal routine life once they recover.
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