Essay Disadvantages of Using the Internet

Disadvantage Using Internet Essay

The internet is a very useful technology and it is now widely used in most parts of the world. It is now even available in remote areas and villages of a particular country. People can easily keep in touch with their loved ones who live in another country. The internet has many benefits including staying in touch with loved ones and seeking information on different things. It consists of key information about different events taking place in the world. It is used as a very useful source for educational purposes. With so many benefits, the internet also has disadvantages if it is used for wrong purposes. It can lead to many problems if its usage is not limited. In this article, our main objective is to discuss the disadvantages of using the internet. How the internet can cause different problems for people?


Lack of Trust

The internet is a place where you cannot afford to trust anybody. There can be people who disguise their true identity for wrong purposes. A person you are chatting with online can be male whereas he may impersonate a girl. So many other things lead to mistrust on other people on the internet. People can easily hide their identities and make others believe that they are the right person.


Lacks Credibility

The internet is the place where anyone can post anything. You can come across different articles on different sources, but it is hard to identify which one is credible. Anyone can write anything and post it easily on different forums. The main problem is that you may not be able to identify which source is credible. When you find something on the internet, you must investigate and try to find out that whether the information you have come across is credible or not.


Too Addictive

The use internet can also drain too much time of a person. The internet can be addictive, you can use it for hours without realizing that you are actually wasting your time. You can use it for entertainment purposes, you can use it to socialize with other people on social networking websites and you can also use it for gaming. All these factors can lead to addiction and you may overlook your key responsibilities because of this addiction.


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