Research Paper idea on Child Abuse and Neglect

Research Paper Child Abuse Neglect

Child abuse is referred to a continuous neglect by a parent or caregiver to fulfill basic needs of a child such as food, shelter and clothing. Child abuse also consists of emotionally, physically and verbally abusing a child. Child abuse can be detrimental for a child’s psychological growth. The time when children require love, warmth and good care for psychological well-being and growth, is spent on either physically abusing them or throwing verbal tantrums consistently, then it can affect all major aspects of a child’s life. Some children are very sensitive and such behavior can lead them to adopt wrong path in life. They may grow as drug addicts, criminals or serial killers as adults. There are different forms of child abuse such as physical, neglect, emotional and verbal abuse.


Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is referred to as physically harming a child without any valid reason by a parent or caregiver. It consists of severe beatings, cigarette burning, shaking a child for petty mistakes. The person who abuses a child always finds an excuse to physically hurt a child. Even when a child is disciplined and obedient, an abuser finds a way or an excuse to hurt a child for no valid reason. It is a crime and is punishable by law.


Emotional Abuse

Some people think that physical abuse is more damaging than emotional abuse because physical abuse causes bruises on different parts of the body and in some cases even bleeding. In reality, emotional abuse is far more damaging than physical abuse. Scars from physical abuse may heal with the passage of time, but emotional abuse leaves unseen bruises for the lifetime. Emotional abuse can lead to severe mental health complications. It can cause deep depression, bipolar disorder, and other mental illnesses.


Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is referred to as forcing a child to engage in sexual activity using power. It starts with threats or blackmailing and a child is forced to obey to engage in such an activity by an adult, caregiver or a parent. It is a heinous crime.


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