Writing Essay Introduction in Few Easy Steps

Essay Introduction

An essay has three significant parts: introduction, the main body, and a conclusion.All these elements are very important to structure an essay and make it more logical and coherent. If any of these elements is missing from an essay it is incomplete and has no significance. The introduction is the first paragraph of an essay and it consists of background information about the main topic along with a strong thesis statement. It is very important to make essay introduction catchy and captivating as to lead the readers into reading the entire essay. The second important element of an essay is the main body that consists of three independent paragraphs. In each paragraph, a new point is introduced and supported by strong arguments backed by examples, facts, and figures. The main body of an essay is like a backbone. The last element is the conclusion where an essay is wrapped up in a single paragraph. It consists of a brief summary of the most important points of an essay along with solutions and suggestions and restatement of thesis statement from the introduction.

Making a Strong Start

In order to draw the readers into reading the entire essay with interest, a strong and appealing start is very important. The first few lines of the introduction must have catching elements so that the reader reads with more interest and curiosity. In order to have a strong start the best way to make readers curious is to ask them a question right in the beginning of the introduction. A question helps draw readers into reading the essay. What is important to keep in mind is the fact that the question asked from the readers should be related to the main theme of the essay. It should be direct and to the point and there must not be anything that is out of the context as it can confuse the readers.

Introducing the Key Points

The next step to write an essay introduction is to introduce all the key points. There is no need to give a detailed explanation of the key points. It must be precise direct and to the point. However, a brief background can be given.

Writing Thesis Statement

At the end, a strong thesis statement is required to tell the readers about the main objective of the essay.

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