Term Paper idea on Increasing Dependency of People on Computers

Essay Computer Dependency

Computers have become an integral part of our daily lives. In everyday routine activities, we make use of computers in one way or the other.

There was a time when a computer machine was very expensive and only those having lot of money could afford it. At that time, computers had a very limited usage. In the modern world where we live, our society has become increasingly dependent on computers. Everywhere we go we come across computer machines. It has become much more powerful and efficient than it used to be in its earlier days. With the advent of the internet, computers have become even more important in everyone’s life. Computers are used everywhere to make things easier for people. They have the ability to store a huge amount of data where we can save anything important. We can easily retrieve important information when required. In this article, we will explore about increasing dependency of people on computers.

Use of Computers in Educational Purposes

Education is one of those areas where computers are widely used. From storing important information about different students and faculty members, computers are also used for educational purposes. Students have a separate subject that they have to take at some point in high school. It has become a mandatory subject, which every student has to study at some point in his academic career. It is mandatory for everyone to have a basic knowledge about using computers. Everyone must know the basic functions of a computer machine. Students also use computers to write their essays and other complicated academic papers. They use it to conduct research and make important calculations when required. Computers are also used for evaluation of students, their overall academic performance, and their grades.

Use of Computers in different Organizations

The use of computers is not just limited to educational institutions as they are also utilized in different organizations. They help store important information of different employees, their salaries, their performance every quarter and other important information about a company. They help maintain the record of all the activities happening in an organization. People can easily retrieve key information about different employees when required.

Use of Computers in Sports

Computers are also utilized in different sports. They help evaluate the performance of competitors and provide key indications as to where an athlete has to improve. They help store important information about different players of different sports.

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