Essay Writing Problems

Essay Writing Problems

It is tough to write high-quality essays in high school and college. In college, things become even more difficult and students have to write more challenging and time-consuming essays. They have to sit for long hours to complete each essay they are assigned by their teachers.

There are many problems students face when they write essays. First of all, there are so many subjects in each semester and keeping a balance is very difficult sometimes. Keeping similar standard and high quality for the rest of the semester is also quite challenging. Other factors like availability of time is also a problem because all essays students are assigned to write, have to be completed within a particular deadline. If they fail to complete their essay on time, they can fail in the subject because essays cover a big chunk of overall marks students get at the end of the semester. We will closely look at the problems students normally face when it comes to writing essays.

Problems with Choosing a Topic

Some students do not have an idea how to choose a good topic. They select anything that they come across and when they fail to find sources, they find it hard to gather sufficient material. Sometimes there are issues like choosing a topic, which is too specific. A very specific essay topic can make things very difficult because information on such topics is not widely available.

Problems with Research Work

Some students struggle with research work. They find it hard to locate credible sources and, as a result, their essays are never up to the required quality. They write anything they come across without cross-examining certain facts. This puts a big question mark on the credibility of information and, as a result, students fail to get good grades.

Problems with Proper Structuring

Some students find it hard to write well-structured essays. They lack the ability to convince others through strong arguments. They struggle to write essays with more depth and essence. Their arguments are weak because they fail to support them with solid facts, figures, and examples. Moreover, some students struggle with grammar, they fail to write a grammatically correct essay.


Laziness is one of the most common factors students face. They develop a habit of procrastination and, as a result, their essays are never completed on time.

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