Essay on Avoiding Procrastination


ProcrastinationProcrastination is one of the biggest hurdles students come across most often. Because of procrastination, they fail to complete their pending assignments and eventually get poor grades. Procrastination is something that not only affects college or high school students, but -employees working in organizations too.

It makes things very difficult for them and they find it hard to overcome it. Procrastination is the state of laziness in which a person overlooks his pending work thinking that he has ample time to complete it, but in reality, he tries to avoid it due to different reasons. Procrastination can become a habit and it can cost people badly if they do not mend their ways on time.

In high school, students who are in the habit of procrastination fail to get their work on time and it results in poor grades. In some cases, students even fail to pass in a particular subject due to procrastination.


Be Determined

Make your mind that when you get an essay writing assignment next time, you will not delay it. You must start working on it the same day you receive it, then you can complete it before the due date. You need to be determined and strong to beat this habit of laziness. There will be a tendency to delay your work because of procrastination habit, but you have to ignore it and find a way to start working on your assignment as quickly as you can.


Take it Step-by-Step

The best way to avoid idling is to divide your task into smaller segments. Similarly, you can divide your essay-writing task into smaller portions. Break it down in small chunks and work on them step-by-step. Do not look at it as something big but rather as a series of different steps you need to do in order to achieve the bigger goal.


Be Consistent

You need to work on your essay or a project on a daily basis. Take baby steps and be consistent. Do not sit idle and think that you have ample time. Instead, think about the time you can save if you complete your task before the due date.


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