Essay on Benefits of Studying Mathematics

Mathematics Essay

Many students simply hate studying mathematics. It is a very challenging and complicated subject because it consists of calculations and manipulations, and solutions of various mathematical equations.

In mathematics, there is no middle way because; the equation you are trying to solve is either right or it is wrong. Even a single mistake in the middle of solving an equation can result in a wrong outcome, which means all the steps taken to solve an equation are wrong. Mathematics is indeed challenging but at the same time, it has several key contributions. All the space related programs are somewhat linked with mathematics because in order to calculate the distance of planets different mathematical methods are used. It is an important subject to study because we all use it in our daily lives consciously and unconsciously.
The use of Mathematics in our Daily Life

If we notice deeply, we can become aware that in our daily life activities, we make use of mathematics in one way or the other. When we decide to go to a grocery store for purchasing our daily household things, we use mathematics. For instance, you wake up in the morning and find out that you need to buy something important. You decide to go to a nearby store. You keep money in your pocket sufficient enough to buy that specific product. The money you keep in your pocket should be enough to buy that specific product. You reach the store and buy that product. You calculate the amount of money you need to pay to buy a particular product and take back the remaining payment. This is all use of mathematics. If you do not even know the basic calculations, you can have very difficult time.

Buying grocery items is just a minor example of the use of mathematics in our daily life. You can easily do other many things if you are well acquainted with the use of mathematics.

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