Essay Importance of Sex Education

Essay Sex Education

In some countries, sex is a taboo topic and is not widely discussed in society. Everything related to sex is kept highly secretive. 

Some parents also feel uncomfortable talking openly about sex in front of their children. They do not discuss anything about sex with their young children thinking that they may discover it from their schools. The whole question remains is whether sex education is important for youngsters growing into adults or not? Should the people become more open to their children about sex? Is there any benefit to that or it can lead to problems? In this article, we will answer these questions that whether sex education is important for growing children or not.

Teenagers and Sex
Adolescence is the age where youngsters like to experiment different things. Sexuality is something new to them and they love to explore about it. They are curious about opposite gender’s sexual functioning. They start taking an interest in opposite genders. They do anything to seek their attention including grooming themselves and dressing smartly. Sex education is very important for growing children because they are not aware of unsafe practices. They do not know the consequences that can occur if they do not have any awareness about sex. Parents should encourage their children to discuss such issues with them. Children should be encouraged to discuss anything they like. This way a child looks at his parents as friends rather than two adults.
Lack of Awareness

Lack of Awareness can lead to many problems.
If teenagers do not know about sex, they can engage in unsafe practices. They may not be aware of contracting harmful diseases due to unprotected sex. It can even lead to more serious and life-threatening illnesses like AIDS due to lack of awareness. Parents should openly discuss these factors with their children. They should also discuss the consequences of premature pregnancy; and how it causes physical and social problems for an immature mother.
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